Tuesday, May 17, 2011

IKEA: Should I stay or should I go?

In a matter of a few weeks time I will be 'flying the coop' and moving out of home to live in Waterloo, but before the momentous occasion is upon us I realised I need a new bed quick fast.

Armed with my paper ruler and pencil, IKEA was the most obvious option. However faster then you can say "Swedish meatball" I was attempting "IKEA suicide".

Everything was so uninspiring. I went home irritated by my Sunday wasted (and once assembled, a crooked lamp to show for my efforts) until I stumbled across IKEA Hackers. The website is designed to share peoples customised furnishings of popular IKEA products referred to as 'hacks'. I'm already thinking the lamp may be salvaged thanks to the awesome gold leaf 'hack' posted this month.

With my hope semi-restored came the blog of the week which I know we have role played in some way/shape or form: "playing house" in IKEA. Photographer Christian Gideon wondered the same thing with two of his mates, mainly what it would be like to move into IKEA for the weekend. So they not only hacked, but moved in. Enjoy.

Faith restored in IKEA (only via this blog for the time being) 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dad:the original hipster

So it's a cringe worthy blog but is one of the funniest digs at Gen Y I've seen to date.

Dad's are the Original Hipster want's to make your dad internet famous by harking back to his fashion sense, hippy "free love", or tube socks. What's worrying about this picture in more ways then one? well there are some relatable perspectives about our generation

 "So hipsters next time you’re pulling a neon colored, American Apparel, low cut douche neck shirt on, remember this…My dad wore deep-Vs before you did."


"Your dad had a beard before you did. It wasn't a trend or a fashion statement, it was pure function and unbridled masculinity. He could fall a tree without picking up an axe... so hipster, stop trying to grow your face in, you're never going to kill it like dad."