Wednesday, October 6, 2010

South American Lover

My Macchiato and wooden spoon at Sonida

I am hesitant to actually blog about this café simply because I may be jealous of the fact that my most treasured coffee has been tried in my rival city, yes, that’s right. Melbourne.
Sonida, tucked away on Gertrude street, close to the city side of Brunswick street, Fitzroy was a surprise find.

A Che "Guevara” look-a-like serves us with a smile and produces a menu of Arepa’s (a typical corn based bread typical of northern South American Cuisine) and Empanadas.

I try the “Ropa Vieja” ($11.50) described on the menu as a secret Cuban recipe of “old clothes” beef. I’m Intrigued yet not quite sure whether to take this as spanglish. It makes sense when my plate with a stringy beef, covered in chili sauce, avocado and tomato arrives.

My mate tries the vegetarian option of “Arepa Frijoles con Feta” ($11.50) a Black Bean and Feta Arepa, which looks as appetising as my choice.

All the ingredients and produce are organic and the décor tells a colourful story. Would definitely head back here if it weren’t in my rival city. How shall we part fellow South American lover?

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